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There are 7 decks (aka “schools of magic”) in the base version of wizwar. Each of the 2 expansions add another 3 decks.

Each deck contains 24 cards, except for the hand deck, which contains 12.

Card Scans

I've scanned all the wiz-war cards. It was super tedious. I hope you appreciate it.

Individual cards

Download individually:

Download as .zip: (warning, 500mb file)

Grid/cutout card scans

Here is an imgur album containing all the cards arranged in a grid. This is useful for printing/cutting out or for importing to Tabletop Simulator:

Base Game Decks

  • Cantrip, aka hand, standard cards required in every game.
  • Alchemy, aka potion, contains magic stones, trinkets, and some thrown weapons.
  • Conjuring, aka wand, contains many creations that block paths, such as walls, thornbushes, etc.
  • Elemental, aka droplet, has a lot of high-power water and fire based attack cards.
  • Mentalism, aka brain, contains cards related to moving other wizards and messing with their hand.
  • Mutation, aka transformation, contains all the transformation cards, allowing wizards to take other forms.
  • Thaumaturgy, aka book, is a good balance of attacks, counters, and neutral cards. Contains Gravity and Slow Death.

Malefic Curses expansion decks

  • Hexcraft has all the hex cards. These are persistent creations which teleport/cause damage/etc if stepped on.
  • Chaos is a high-energy deck containing lots of dice-based cards.
  • Necromancy contains a mix of attacks and defenses, like Drain Life, Bone Armor and Ghost Shield.

Bestial Forces expansion decks

  • Mythology contains cards for summoning creatures. Creatures are another character on the board that moves and attacks on the wizard's turn.
  • Totem has all the totem cards, which are persistent creations that give some kind of good or bad effect against any wizards in the same sector.
  • Draconic contains the Summon Drake card. The creature's name is Drake, and he's a large dragon that does a lot of damage and prevents picking up treasure. The deck also contains a lot of powerful fire-based attack cards.

Descriptions of the standard schools of magic Descriptions of the schools of magic in Malefic Curses expansion Descriptions of the schools of magic in Bestial Forces expansion

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